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What are the basic colors? Why is there an art fee? Wha

Frequently Asked Questions

    What method do you use to print on glass?
    We use a screen printing style of imprinting using ceramic inks. Once printed and fired, the artwork is extremely durable and will not scratch off. The glassware is machine washable, although the colors may fade over time.

    What are the Basic Colors?
    We have a list of basic color names you can choose from. Otherwise, specify your colors as PMS colors and we will match as closely as we can. Please note we CANNOT guarantee that colors will exactly match the PMS colors or what you see on screen. On custom mixed colors, we cannot guarantee that re-orders of the same color will match exactly.

    My art is ready to go. Why is there an art fee?
    A fee is always required to process your artwork.

    How should my artwork be formatted?
    The preferred file format is a vector .eps file, with all fonts outlined, and spot colors specified (including white). View our Electronic File Submission Specifications sheet. The basic artwork proccessing fee covers up to 1/2 hour of our time to make your artwork meet our needs. If your artwork requires additional time, we will contact you for approval prior to doing any work.

    I know my art needs to be fixed... can you help?
    Yes! We are very good at converting "bad" art into high resolution vector art. Send the art you have, and we will let you know if the basic art fee will or will not cover the costs. If not, we will contact you with a quote for the additional time needed prior to processing your artwork.

    What is your turn-around time?
    Our standard is two weeks from the date you approve the artwork proof. If you need to have your job ship earlier, we can rush orders for in-stock glass for an additional 20% rush fee. The customer is responsible for any expedited shipping fees that may be charged by the carrier.

    What happens if some of the glassware arrives broken?
    Our products are fragile and some breakage should be expected during shipping. Claims for excessive breakage must be filed with the carrier.

    Can I get a sample made prior to production?
    We can make a pre-production sample for you for a cost of $100 which includes the first color screen charge and the sample itself. Or, you can request a virtual sample (we photoshop the art onto a picture of the glass... sizing and positioning is approximate in those cases).

    Can I use shades or gradiations of color?
    Shades or gradiations of color are achieved using a LINE SCREEN (little tiny dots). In the case of printing on glass, we use an 85 line-screen... fairly big dots easily visible to the eye. Additionally, due to the nature of ceramic ink, some "clumping" of the dots may appear. If your artwork uses a lot of gradients or shades of color, we recommend ordering a pre-production sample so you can see exactly how your artwork will reproduce.

Catamount Glass Custom Imprinting
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Why is an art fee required?

Our basic art fee of $40 covers the cost of processing your artwork and formatting it to meet our screen printing requirements. This fee includes up to 1/2 hour of time to make your file print ready and outputting it to film. If your artwork requires MORE than 1/2 hour to process and make ready, we will contact you in advance for your approval of additional art fees.

Basic Color Names
Can I order odd number quantities?

You can order any number 144-1008 using this shopping cart.
Simply choose the radio button next to the quantity CLOSEST to your desired quantity ROUNDING DOWN. Then, when you click "buy" and go to the shopping cart, simply change the quantity number(s) to your desired quantity and click "recalculate". NOTE: Both the quantity of glasses AND the quanitity of colors need to be the same amount.

For quantities below 144 or above 1008, call 802-384-2542 or email for pricing.

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